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When the results came back this week with higher than acceptable levels of lead and copper, the district immediately contacted the media and posted water testing results on its website. The school has shut off the water to the sinks in its high school/middle school nurse's examination room, its high school chemistry room 75, elementary science room and the high schools community-based education room. Water coolers have been placed in each of the affected areas. Ferko said the results appeared to be random, with one room coming back with high lead content and an adjacent room using the same water main having acceptable lead watercoolers levels. None was found in our drinking fountains, but students were allowed to fill their water bottles from the nurses sink, he said. Ferko said they also contacted Microbac Laboratories Inc., the company that did the initial testing, to retest their water on Wednesday. He said Sharpsville decided to test its water after an alleged cover-up involving elementary school water at Butler Area School District was discussed at an regional superintendents' meeting. A federal lawsuit was filed against the Butler district and its superintendent, alleging they failed to warn and protect students after unacceptable lead levels were found in the school's drinking water in August 2016. Three administrators have since resigned amid allegations of misconduct. There are no regulations on testing for lead, and Im not sure when the last time they tested the water, Ferko said. We plan to test it now every three years. Mercer Area School District shut down 14 sinks in its high school after testing revealed unacceptable lead and copper levels. Superintendent Bill Gathers said the school does not have any lead pipes, but lead solder may have been used.

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